Wutong Shenzhen
240 social apartments

Many doors waiting to be opened. Get to know the other 239 residents here.

15 mins drive to Haji Lane

There’s more to meet the eye than just a lane’s worth. Say hello to chic eateries, independent fashion stores and swanky drinking hole; its rustic charm makes it a must-visit when in town.

opening in 2021

Opening in 2021 at the heart of a vibrant ethnic enclave.




singapore population of 5.353 mil

must see: Singapore’s best kept shopping secret - Mustafa Centre

opens 24 hours

Opens 24 hours.

walking distance from Farrer Park MRT station

Walking distance from Farrer Park MRT station.

toiletries, electronics, furniture, apparel, fresh groceries and more - all under one roof

Toiletries, electronics, furniture, apparel, fresh groceries and more - all under one roof.

did you know?

Did you know that Singapore’s most popular beer is its home-grown Tiger Beer, now sold in more than 75 countries!
Book a guided brewery tour to learn about the history and art of this iconic beer. You can also sample the freshest brew and shop for unique souvenirs!






do it like the locals

Pair that frothy mug of Tiger Beer with some grilled fresh seafood from Newton Food Centre. Opening in the evening till early morning, be sure to bring a big appetite. A large serving of BBQ Sambal Stingray sets you back by S$20!






meet the lyfguard

Swimmer. Wild Adventurer.
Book Aficionado.


Joan lives lyf by

“building your dreams with passion”

If you can make a wicked cuppa, remember names of acquaintances, change light bulbs, good knowledge of food, manage crowds, host events, tell a good story, start a conversation among strangers, knack for keeping areas clean, or any of the above, we want you!

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